I am Andreea, certified Personal and Professional Image Consultant in Paris with a passion for people and knowledge of style and I can help you to figure out the look of your style.

My mission is to guide you through the journey of your personal style confidence so you can align your outside image with your inner essence.

More about me

My love affair with style started with my admiration for my mother's sense of fashion. She had an eye for beautiful clothes, and fine fabric combinations, and she always looked very chic. She designed and produced some of her clothing, which made a good impression wherever she went.

I consider myself fortunate to have inherited her sense of style, and to have been able to combine this flair for beauty and style with my love of helping others.

I lived and worked in different countries before arriving in France. From my previous experiences, I learned to honor diversity and to appreciate the unique attributes of every individual, both of which are essential in guiding others in identifying their best personal style. During my stays in other countries, I always found a connecting thread: an awareness of local styles, and a pleasure in the discovery of the fabrics, materials, patterns, colors, and silhouettes unique to each location.

I would be delighted to talk with you, over lunch in Paris, or by Zoom or WhatsApp, anywhere in the world!


E-mail: contact@styledinparis.com

Instagram: @Styled.inParis

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