Color & Style Talk

Set hesitation and your go-to neutral looks aside and dive into this Color & Style Talk to revamp your wardrobe and your image

Color & Style - techniques and tips about building a personal image by using color harmonies that are flattering, reflect your personality and the image you would like the others to see.

Color is only one of the style elements used to build a personal image, but it is the most important. My hope is that you take what you learn in Color & Style Talk and start creating your intentional strategy.

Is your wardrobe is made up mostly of neutrals and you would like to elevate it and align it with the image you dream of having, using the right tints, tones and shade?

How to find the colors that represent you?

What is color? How do we see color?

How to use color psychology for your personal image?

How to make a DYI Color Analysis


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